Andy Griffith - Ben Matlock

Nancy Stafford - Michelle Thomas

Clarence Gilyard Jr. - Conrad McMasters

Kene Holliday - Tyler Hudson

David Froman - Lt. Bob Brooks

Linda Purl - Charlene Matlock

Brynn Thayer - Leanne MacIntyre

Nick DeMauro - Charlie Matlock

Laura Robbins - Laura Miller

Don Knotts - Les Calhoun

Warren Frost - Billy Lewis

Julie Sommars - Julie March

Daniel Roebuck - Cliff Lewis

Carol Huston - Jerri Stone


September 23, 1986 – May 7, 1995


NBC (1986 – 1992)
ABC (1992 – 1995)

is a long-running American legal drama television series that centered on Benjamin L. "Ben" Matlock (Andy Griffith), a renowned, gruff, cantankerous, and very expensive Georgia bred, Harvard educated criminal defense attorney who often uses colorful language, but beneath it all he has a heart of gold. He is known to visit the scene of the crime to discover overlooked clues and come up with viable, alternative theories of the crime in question. He is assisted in his work by his attorney daughters Charlene (Linda Purl) and Leanne (Brynne Thayer) and his investigators Tyler Hudson (Kene Holliday), Conrad McMasters (Clarence Gilyard Jr.) and Cliff Lewis (Daniel Roebuck), who happens to be the son of Ben's boyhood friend/rival Billy Lewis (Warren Frost).

Matlock originally ran on NBC (1986 -1992) and ABC (1992 - 1995) from September 23, 1986 through May 7, 1995. Over the series' 9 seasons run with 195 episodes, it garnered a total of 6 television awards and 4 nominatios.

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