Hogan's Heroes

Hogan's Heroes DVD
Hogan's Heroes

Bob Crane - Robert Hogan
Werner Klemperer - Wilhelm Klink
John Banner - Hans Georg Schultz
Robert Clary - Louis LeBeau
Larry Hovis - Andrew Carter
Richard Dawson - Peter Newkirk
Ivan Dixon - Kinch Kinchloe
Leon Askin - General Albert Burkhalter
Sigrid Valdis - Hilda
Howard Caine - Maj. Wolfgang Hochstetter
Cynthia Lynn - Helga

September 17, 1965 - April 4,1971


Hogan's Heroes was a 1960's American situation comedy about Col. Robert Hogan and his band of POWs as they exploit every opportunity given by their bumbling German captors for allied espionage and sabotage against the Nazis.
The show took place at Stalag 13, a POW camp located near the town of Hammelburg run by the Nazis for captured enemy soldiers.

The show was aired and became popular on several countries including Germany.

Hogan's Heroes DVDHogan's Heroes DVD

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