My Hero

My Hero

Ardal O'Hanlon - George Sunday
Emily Joyce - Janet Dawkins
Geraldine McNulty - Mrs. Raven
Hugh Dennis - Dr. Piers Crispin
Lill Roughley - Ella Dawkins
Lou Hirsch - Arnie
Tim Wylton - Stanley Dawkins
Philip Whitchurch - Tyler
James Dreyfus - George Monday

February 4, 2000 – September 10, 2006


My Hero was a British Comedy series that premiered February 4, 2000 on BBC One. The show is mainly about the life of Thermoman (Ardal O'Hanlon later James Dreyfus), a not-so-bright superhero from planet Ultron who's working as planet Earth's protector. After saving Janet Dawkins (Emily Joyce), he falls in love with her and decided to stay in her hometown Northolt. He then creates his alter ego George Sunday and opens a herb shop hoping to establish a romatic relationship with Janet.

The show enjoyed high ratings lasting for 6 years (6 series) before it ended on September 10, 2006.

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