Bordertown DVD

Clive Bennett - John H. Brennan
Jack Craddock - Richard Comar
Marie Dumont - Sophie Barjac
Joanna Radway - Donna Carroll White
Zack Denny - Duncan Fraser
Sally Duffield - Beverley Elliott
Wendell MacWherter - Paul Batten

January 7, 1989 – March 17, 1991

Family Channel

Bordertown was a weekly, half-hour western drama that debuted in January 7, 1989 on the Family Channel. The show revolves around Clive Bennet (John H. Brennan) a United States Marcial and Jack Craddock (Richard Comar) a Canadian Mounted Policema both stationed in a town that straddles the US/Canadian border called Bordertown (formerly Pemmican). Bordertown also stars Marie Dumont, played by Sohie Barjac, as the town's doctor, local store proprietor and both lawmen's love interest.

The series ended in March 17, 1991 after a succesful three year run due primarilly to high production costs.

Bordertown DVDBordertown DVD

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