Nash Bridges

Nash Bridges DVD
Nash Bridges

Don Johnson - Insp. Nash Bridges
Barry J. Ratcliffe - Dean Becker
Cheech Marin - Insp. Joe Dominguez
Jeff Perry - Insp. Harvey Leek
Jaime Gomez - Insp. Evan Cortez
Ronald Russell - Officer Ronnie
Jodi Lyn O'Keefe - Cassidy Bridges
James Gammon - Nick Bridges
Caroline Lagerfelt - Inger Dominguez
Yasmine Bleeth - Caitlin Cross
Annette O'Toole - Lisa Bridges

March 29, 1996 – May 4, 2001


Nash Bridges was a television action-drama series created by Carlton Cuse. It ran for 6 seasons on CBS totalling 122 episodes. The series centers around Nash Bridges, a celebrated veteran detective and head of the SFPD's Special Investigations Unit. Together with his bestfriend and partner Joe Dominguez and his able team, they're considered the best law enforcement team that takes down crime in city.
Nash and Joe later opened a detective agency as a sideline and investigated their own cases.

Nash Bridges DVDNash Bridges DVD

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Bob1933 said...

Is the character "Nash Bridges" based on the experience of a specific San Fransisco Police Detective? What is his name?