Cagney and Lacey

Cagney and Lacey DVD
Cagney and Lacey

Tyne Daly - Mary Beth Lacey
Sharon Gless - Christine Cagney
Al Waxman - Bert Samuels
Barry Laws - Tony
John Karlen - Harvey Lacey
Martin Kove - Victor Isbecki
Carl Lumbly - Mark Petrie

March 25, 1982 – May 16, 1988


Cagney and Lacey was a 1980's crime drama that featured two female detectives who led very different lives as partners. Christine Cagney was a tough and career-minded woman, while Mary Beth Lacey was a sensitive working mother involved in a complex marriage. It is their contrasting personalities that made them a perfect team, strengthening each other in several professional and personal occasions. The show tackled many different and sometimes controversial topics like workplace chauvinism, cancer, alcoholism, rape, racism, and abortion.

Cagney and Lacey DVDCagney and Lacey DVD

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