Treat Williams - Dr. Andrew 'Andy' Brown
Gregory Smith - Ephram Brown
Emily VanCamp - Amy Abbott
Debra Mooney - Edna Harper

John Beasley - Irv Harper

Vivien Cardone - Delia Brown
Chris Pratt - Bright Abbott
Tom Amandes - Dr. Harold
Stephanie Niznik - Nina Feeney
Merrilyn Gann - Rose Abbott
Scott Wolf - Dr. Jake Hartman
Sarah Drew - Hannah Rogers

Jan Broberg Felt - Louise

Sarah Lancaster - Madison Kellner

Marcia Cross - Dr. Linda Abbott

Justin Baldoni - Reid Bardem

Mike Erwin - Colin Hart
Whitney Lee - Brittany Clark

Nancy Everhard - Sharon Hart

Ben Hammond - Sam Feeney

Nora Zehetner - Laynie Hart

Lee Garlington - Brenda Baxworth
Katie Millar - Page

Anne Heche - Amanda Hayes
Micaela Nelligan - Martha Thompson

Gordon Johnson - Mr. Jensen

September 16, 2002 - June 5, 2006


The WB

is an American television serious drama (with comedic moments) series set in the fictional small town of Everwood, Colorado. The show starts with the arrival of Dr. Andrew Brown (Treat Williams), a successful Manhattan neurosurgeon who decides to start a new life with his 9-year-old daughter Delia and 15-year-old son Ephram in the idyllic Colorado town Everwood after his wife died. He chose the town of Everwood because of his late wife's emotional attachment to the small town. But the move proved to be more than what they have bargained for, as they all discover how hard it is to try to fit in the tight-knit Everwood community, get to know Everwood people and have relationships develop and change for the better.

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