The Wonder Years

The Wonder Years

Fred Savage - Kevin Arnold
Dan Lauria - John "Jack" Arnold
Alley Mills - Norma Arnold
Josh Saviano - Paul Joshua Pfeiffer
Olivia d'Abo - Karen Arnold
Jason Hervey - Wayne Arnold
Danica McKellar - Gwendolyn "Winnie" Cooper
David Huddleston - Grandpa Albert Arnold
Michael Tricario - Randy Mitchell
Brandon Crane - Doug Porter
Crystal McKellar - Rebecca "Becky" Slater
Sean Baca - Craig Hobson
Krista Murphy - Carla Healy
Robert Picardo - Coach Cutlip
Wendel Meldrum - Miss White / Heimer
Ben Stein - Mr. Cantwell
Andy Berman - Chuck Coleman
Giovanni Ribisi - Jeff Billings
Lindsay Sloane - Alice Pedermeir
Juliette Lewis - Delores
Scott Menville - Dave "Wart" Shafter
Julie Condra - Madeline Adams
Lisa Gerber - Cara
Torrey Anne Cook - Debbie Pfeiffer
Josh Moskoff - Alvin Pfeiffer
Stephanie Satie - Ida Pfeiffer
Don Jeffcoat - Eric Antonio
Eric Lloyd - Young Kevin
David Schwimmer - Michael
Steven Gilborn - Mr. Collins
Buster "Skippy" Arnold

March 15, 1988 - May 12, 1993

ABC Network

The Wonder Years is an Emmy Award-winning American television dramedy about the wistful and whimsical nostalgia of a 12-year-old boy coming of age in the late 1960s and early '70s. The story begins with childhood friends Kevin, Paul and Winnie on the verge of starting junior high school in 1968. Winnie's elder brother was just killed in action in Vietnam, Kevin meets Winnie in a nearby wooded area called Harpers Woods, and they end up sharing their first kiss.

The Wonder Years originally ran on ABC Network from March 15, 1988 through May 12, 1993.

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