The Three Stooges

Best of The Three Stooges DVD

The Three Stooges

Harry Moses Horwitz - Moe Howard
Louis Feinberg - Larry Fine
Jerome Lester Horwitz - Curly Howard
Samuel Horwitz - Shemp Howard

September 1, 1930 - June 4, 1959


The Three Stooges is an American comedy act in the first halt of the 20th century. Considered as the most famous slapstick comedy television show ever best known for their numerous short films. The show was originally composed of the brothers Harry Moses Horwitz, Samuel Horwitz and their long-time firend Louis Feinberg commonly known as Moe, Shemp, and Larry respectively. Shemp was later replaced by Jerome Curly Howard in 1932. Shemp then returned again when Curly suffered a stroke.

Best of The Three Stooges DVDBest of The Three Stooges DVD

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