My So Called Life

My So Called Life
My So Called Life

Bess Armstrong - Patty Chase

Wilson Cruz - Rickie Vasquez
Claire Danes - Angela Chase

A.J. Langer - Rayane Graff
Tom Irwin - Graham Chase

Devon Gummersall - Brian Krakow
Devon Odessa - Sharon Cherski
Lisa Wilhoit - Danielle Chase
Jared Leto - Jordan Catalano

August 25, 1994 - January 26, 1995


My So-Called Life premiered on August 25, 1994 on ABC. The show tackled many issues that were seldom mentioned in series in the mid-nineties, like drug abuse, homosexuality, alcoholism, drug abuse, etc. The story basically revolves around the life Angela Chase, played by Claire Danes, and the trials and difficulties she's faced with as a teenager. Angela is a 15-year old high school sophomore who recently just abandoned her longtime friend Sharon for party girl Rayanne and gay Rickie. The show is most known for its realistic and non-sensationalistic approach on issues very much unlike most series at that time, which showcased conflict resolutions before every episode ends.

My So Called LifeMy So Called Life

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