3rd Rock From the Sun

3rd rock from the sun DVD
3rd Rock from the Sun

French Stewart - Harry Solomon
John Lithgow - Dr. Dick Solomon
Kirsten Johnson - Sally Solomon
Jane Curtin - Dr. Mary Albright
Joseph Grodon-Levit Tommy Solomon
Simbi Khali - Nina Campbell
Elmarie Wendel - Mamie Dubcek
Wayne Knight - Don Leslie Orville
Shay Astar - August Leffler
Rown West as Vincent Strudwick

January 9, 1996 - May 22, 2001

NBC (1996 - 2001)
ABC (reruns)

3rd Rock from the Sun is an american comedy series that ran from 1996 to 2001. The story revolves around a group of gentle-hearted aliens sent to earth (3rd Rock from the Sun) on a mission to study everything about its human civilization. Later Dick Solomon (John Lithgow), the leader of the group, takes a jop as a professor at a State University; Tomy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), their information officer, was forced to enroll in school after being given a body of a teenager; while Sally (Kirsten Johnson) and Harry (French Stewart), their security and communications officer, spend their time at home and doing several odd-jobs.

3rd rock from the sun DVD3rd rock from the sun DVD

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